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Cockroach on bread 940We understand that a cockroach infestation is not only a nuisance but a serious health risk. Cockroaches carry diseases, spread harmful bacteria and trigger conditions such as asthma. Any type of residence is in danger of this pest problem, be it an apartment or a house. Even businesses, especially restaurants, are at risk for infestation. The most common cockroaches found in the USA are the American cockroach, German cockroach and brownbanded cockroach. In southern states, especially Florida, the Oriental cockroach and the Asian cockroach are very prevalent. The Asian cockroach lives in subtropical climates, such as Florida, while the Oriental is also known as the water bug.

Typically, cockroaches are nocturnal, so if you see a cockroach during the day it might indicate an infestation. Most cockroaches, with the exception of the brownbanded variety, are attracted to moist areas. All cockroaches are enticed by food. Refrigerators are a prime target for cockroaches, as they are dark, moist and contain food. Cockroaches are very adept at infiltrating your home and remaining out of sight. If your house is infested, you may find cockroaches in tight spaces, cracks or behind your walls. Cockroaches leave feces around your house, and a great concentration of cockroaches most definitely leads to abundant small droppings. They might look like coffee grounds or pepper, or be larger and cylindrical in shape. Another common object they leave behind is their egg cases, which are oval-shaped. Certain species of cockroaches emit a musty, unpleasant odor. If you see any of these signs, you have a pest problem.

To deal with a few cockroaches, you may purchase bug spray or traps. To prevent further occurrences, keep your kitchen sterile. Do not leave food in any other rooms of your house. If you have a larger, uncontrollable pest problem, the best thing to do is call a professional pest control service. We understand the problem and the solution. We can customize our services depending on your needs. We use professional grade pesticides that won’t cause damage to your home. We provide full interior and exterior services. Why bother with the hassle of pests yourself when you it can be handled by a professional? Please call us today, and we will be happy to get rid of your pest problem.

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