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ants 534Of all the pests that can invade a home, ants are among the most frequent. There are over 12,000 species of ants all over the world. These include the common fire, carpenter, Pharaoh, and Argentine ant. Typically, ants invade houses because they find them habitable and there is food available for them to eat. Ants may build a trail from outside and come into the house, or they may find a way to build a nest within the house, particularly if there is sand available to them. Plenty of different types of ants can invade a home, particularly in warmer climates such as central Florida. Ants might move their nest if humans attempt to destroy it, and can grow into gigantic numbers behind walls, between cracks, and even beneath floorboards. The best way to deal with an ant infestation is to call a quality pest control company. Some of the most common types of ants in the southwest and in central Florida include the Florida Carpenter Ant, the Crazy Ant, the ghost ant, and the Pharaoh Ant. All of these ants can be serious nuisances and should be treated immediately if they are found within a home. Ants can be a serious health problem if an individual has an allergy to them. Plenty of ant species bite and all of them can contaminate food if they reach a kitchen area.

The Florida Carpenter ant is a large red and black ant that can grow to over a quarter inch in length. These ants are often found outside in places such as yard and porches. They can on occasion make it into someone's house. Fire ants are well known worldwide and have hundreds of species. These ants are known for their often bright red color and the fact they bite and leave marks. Fire ant stings can swell and leave large bumps, and can require emergency treatment if the person has a severe allergic reaction. Crazy ants can build massive nests and get their name from their crazy, rapid movement. Ants can be difficult pests to deal with due to their large numbers. Our pest control services can completely eliminate them from your home with no hassle to you. There are many types of ants, but they can all prove to be a large challenge if left uncontrolled. Consider pest control if they become more difficult.

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